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Curricula and courses

Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences has five accredited study programs: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Informatics, and Engineering Management. All study programs are fully accredited and conducted in two languages, Serbian and Hungarian.
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Note: we are currently in the process of updating all course descriptions in English.




We offer mobility students English language supervision of the diploma work process in all study programs. We especially encourage students to use the mobility program to do their project works or write their diploma works supervised or co-supervised by one of our professors and use our facilities and well-equipped laboratories. Close cooperation and intensive communication between the graduating student and supervising professor (often called ‘mentor’ in Serbian) is key to the creation of a high-quality final work, as the basis for the successful defense of the diploma work and graduation.

Language of education: While not accredited to be held in English language, the subjects listed below are offered in the form of small-group mentoring and consultation. Since the language of tuition at our institution is both Serbian and Hungarian, all our staff is proficient in conducting education bilingually, as often groups are mixed-language.

There are four language courses offered: English Language, Business English, Project English and Technical English.
We especially invite our incoming mobility students to come and work on their diploma and thesis works during their mobility, making use of our well-equipped labs and facilities. We provide mentoring and co-mentoring to promote a successful mobility for students towards the end of their studies.

Serbian language courses: To promote easier integration into the novel environment and smoother communication, the College also offers courses in Serbian language for incoming mobility students, held by professional language teachers.

All study-related issues are dealt with on institution level by the Vice-Director for Education, and on study program level, by the study program coordinator, while the International Relations Coordinator may offer any necessary background assistance to mobility students.