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Life as an exchange student

Subotica is not a crowded city, it has beautiful sights, remarkable places and buildings to visit. It is a cultural melting pot where people are nice and friendly. If you feel tired and want to relax from all the tasks at school, a long walk around the town can be very refreshing. There are few parks in Subotica where you can relax, and fortunately the biggest one called “Dudova šuma” is near the student dorm ”Ivo Lola Ribar”. It is a small forest with ponds, jogging paths set up with street workout equipment and coach agents. Moreover, for recreational purposes you can find a gym (within the Faculty of Economics Subotica), a tennis court, and a swimming pool, too. During winter days, you can visit the local ice-skating rink that is located near the town center. Though if you would like to see an environment with a breathtaking sight, Lake Palić, which is approximately 7 km away from Subotica, is the best place for you.

On this map you can see the center of Subotica. The center is marked with a green star, and the College, Subotica Tech College of Applied Sciences is marked with a blue one. The maroon stars are the locations of the student dorms “Ivo Lola Ribar” and “Bosa Milicević” hosted by “Studentski Centar Subotica". On the map you can see that both student dorms are approximately the same distance from the center of the town and the Subotica Tech-College of Applied Sciences’ building, too (it is around 20-25 minutes on foot).

The climate is temperate here, a daily walk to the faculty can be quite relaxing, and you can join other students on your way back to the dorm, too. If you have some chores to do for the school, such as: photocopying scripts and other documents, then you can do it in the city center. But if you just want to enjoy your free time, talking a stroll around the center can also be fun, because there you can find the best cafés and restaurants to have a meal or a drink. The prices at these places are quite affordable for students.

The official website of “Studentski Centar Subotica" is: The prices of the dorm rooms are affordable for students. Their biggest advantage is the two canteens next to the dorms. The payments are made via e-Kiosk machines. Your only task is to insert your student card, which you get from Studentski Centar, and some money, and you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The feedbacks of these canteens are great, the food is delicious, cheap and there are always several dishes to choose from. The portions’ size is also the right amount, so you will not be hungry.

If you prefer living on your own or with a friend of yours, there is also an opportunity to rent a flat somewhere in the center of Subotica or around the town. The prices of these flats are also affordable, especially if we compare them to other city’s prices either in Serbia or in Europe.

Are you a fun-loving person who likes to go out? Subotica offers you numerous enjoyable programs to choose from, such as: cafés, restaurants, theatres, and 3D cinemas where you can enjoy your free time with either your friends or alone. At the beginning of the semester, there are several student parties which are mostly organized by students either from our College or other faculties. Moreover, almost every weekend, all the clubs in the town are open, giving you a great opportunity to hang out, to meet other students, and to dance. Furthermore, in most of the cafés you can listen to live music, and there are a few clubs which organize parties even on workdays. There are cafees, pubs and clubs for all musical tastes, including rock & roll, dance and even turbo-folk music. During both the autumn and spring semesters, Subotica is full of students and people. Therefore, your entertainment is guaranteed here. Subotica is open for you, and your fields of interest!