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Recognition of Education

The College supports the recognition of study achievement accomplished during mobility in the form of recognizing ETCS points. The period of studies spent on mobility will be fully recognized on condition the student has fulfilled all requirements. The learning outcomes of the mobility will be recognized by the home institution and indicated in the final record of student achievement, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education in Serbia. The records of transcript will be completed and sent within 5 weeks of the end of mobility, clearly stating data (period of study, course, grade, ECTS points, grading table).

The College has a clear institutional ECTS points’ recognition system (Regulation no. 01-428/2017, adopted at College Council meeting on October 10, 2017). The regulation states that the recognition of ECTS pointed gained through mobility is performed by a three-member committee (separate committees for each study program). The committee analyzes the course content records for the relevant courses. Recognition is granted if the course content shows at least a 50% rate of correspondence with the equivalent course at Subotica Tech. The course will be allocated the number of ECTS points for the corresponding course at the College.

ECTS point recognition happens on the basis of the Learning Agreement and subsequent Transcript of Records. The complete administration of these documents is handled by the International Relations Coordinator as the prime contact person for mobile participant students and staff. At the end of the recognition process, the outgoing mobile student will simply receives the final confirmation of recognition of ECTS points. The completed study results through mobility are recognized as an enhancement of professional knowledge and will be fully acknowledged as working towards their degrees. Mobile students are encouraged to share their experience with peers so as to increase students’ awareness of the benefits of mobility and knowledge transfer.

Staff mobility is strongly supported by Subotica Tech as a form of professional development and knowledge transfer. The recognition of lecturer mobility is done by the Coordinators of the study programmes at Subotica Tech. The Assistant Director for Education and the International Relations Coordinator jointly ensure that the work load of the outgoing mobile staff member is organized (in the form of suitable replacement) so as to enable mobility. The College recognizes the importance the benefits of mobility both in terms of professional development, as well as enhancing the quality of education, thereby the quality of the institution. Outgoing mobile teachers experience novel teaching methods during mobility, which they are encouraged to transfer these into their own classrooms. Mobility is especially promoted as a form of quality enhancement in view of a new accreditation process. The College supports participation in projects as a form of transfer of knowledge and experience, thereby increasing the quality of education at the institution. Specific initiatives to increase the percentage of professors with an international background are being implemented.